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by | 29 Jan 2019

Why do people sage their homes?

Our living spaces can become cluttered with lower energies such as challenging emotions, negative thoughts, stagnant energy and sometimes even energy visitors!  This can affect how we’re feeling, for example – drained, tired, foggy headed, irritable etc. If you’re feeling unsettled in your home, it’s time to sage!  Saging (also called smudging) will clear out those lower energies and leave your home feeling lighter and brighter!


What sort of sage should I use for clearing low energy out of a space?

Not all sages are the same!  Cleansing sage is Salvia Apiana (White Sage), also called California White Sage and Sacred Sage.  It is dried and bundled, so that it can be lit to create a cleansing aromatic smoke.  If you wish to purchase sage, I always have some smudge sticks for sale at Figtree Holisitic Therapies.  Large smudge sticks are $25.

Sarah Tobin from The List Illawarra wrote a fantastic article about the uses and benefits of saging. You can find it here…….

How to sage your home

To begin, open all the doors and windows in your home – this is very important as it allows lower energies an exit point from each room.​ Break off some of the sage from your smudge stick and place it in a large metal bowl or a smudging shell – whatever you have lying around.  The sage gets very hot so whatever you use, make sure it can take the heat. Light the sage and let it burn for about 10 seconds, then gently blow out the flame. The sage will then smoulder and smoke.​ While it is smoking, walk into each room in your home, really smoking it out.​ It is the smoke which encourages negative and lower energy to leave.  Note that little pieces of ash may fly out of the bowl as you walk around so it’s better to do this processes slowly.

What to say when saging your home

When you have plenty of smoke in a room, command any negative energies to leave the room by saying: ‘I command anything of a lower vibration to leave this sacred space and my (our) energy field(s).’

Then ask Divine golden white light to fill yourself and your home by saying:​ ‘I am invoking and anchoring Divine golden white light into this room and my (our) energy field(s).’​

Continue this process in each room / space of the house until you have completed all of them.  Leave doors and windows open until most of the smoke has cleared.

Can I sage other places besides my home?

Yes!  You can sage anywhere you feel the energy needs a lift and is an enclosed space – for example: your work office or space, a school room, an external building to your home.  Just note that the sage will leave an aroma in the space for a while, which I personally like, but it’s worth noting this if it’s a space other people use.  Generally I find people like the smell.  Also I have never had the smoke alarm go off when saging.  Just remember to open al the windows to let the sage smoke leave!

How often should I sage?

Repeat this ritual every time you feel the energy around you is feeling a little heavy or unsettled, or something challenging has happened in your home.  It’s a sign it needs a clearing. and your home will feel lighter and brighter and everyone living with you – family, friends – will too!