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Distance Reiki


I can send Reiki to you or your child wherever you are in the world.  This is known as Distance Reiki. There is a Reiki symbol which allows me to connect with you anywhere (with permission), and I use this symbol to send Reiki to you at an agreed time. It is just as powerful and effective as when you come to see me in person.  This is particularly helpful if you live far away, you are unwell and can’t leave home, when you don’t have the time to get to Figtree Holistic Therapies and during Covid lockdowns.  Even if you’ve booked in to come and see me in person and something unexpected occurs or you are unwell, we can change it to a distance appointment and you can still receive the support of Reiki!

Distance Reiki can be sent to adults, children, pets, and even loved ones who have passed over to the Spirit world.  It knows no boundaries.  Wherever you are in the world, I can assist you through a Distance Reiki connection.

Introductory Offer

Distance Reiki

Initial Consultation and Treatment for Adults and Teenagers
90 minutes for $75
Available to new clients

What to expect during an adult’s and teenager’s Distance Reiki appointment

Once your appointment is booked, I will send you a consultation form to complete and return via email or post.  I will then contact you at your appointment time via phone, Skype or Zoom (your choice) to run through your form and discuss your concerns, intentions and goals.  So that I know where to send the Reiki, I ask you for your address. Once we finish talking, we end the call and you prepare to receive Reiki by lying down in a comfortable place like your bed and cover yourself with a blanket.  If you wish you can play music (I can provide this for you) and light a candle.  If you’re concerned about being disturbed by sounds, just pop some earphones in to listen to the music.  You then close your eyes and relax as you receive the Distance Reiki treatment.

During the healing, I am guided intuitively to spend extra time on the areas that require more cleansing, healing and balancing. Typically clients enter a deep state of relaxation, but where there is still awareness of one’s surroundings.  The body enters a state of accelerated repair, and pain, stress and fear can melt away.

When I finish, I text to let you know.  Based on your preference, we can either have a call straight after the Reiki, or arrange another time to discuss the treatment.  Based on the outcome of your initial appointment, I will recommend a program to achieve your desired outcomes. Programs can include a combination of Distance Reiki, practical tools, support and guidance.

How much does an adult’s or teenager’s Distance Reiki appointment cost?

Single Appointment

$100 / 90 minutes
  • First 90 min appointment is at the introductory rate of $75
  • Subsequent 90 min appointments are $100, or can be purchased as a pack of 3 appointments for $240, a saving of $60

What to expect during a child’s Distance Reiki appointment

If your child is young, it’s unlikely they will be able to lie still during the day for a treatment, so I send Distance Reiki to children just after their bedtime.  Bedtime appointments are not available online, so please contact me to book.  We can then discuss why you would like Distance Reiki for your child and what goals or outcomes you wish to create for them.  The day after the appointment, I provide feedback to you via a phone call or email/text (your choice).  For some children, I send Distance Reiki when their parents or the child feels they need it, and for others I have an on-going commitment to send it every few weeks.

How much does a child’s Distance Reiki appointment cost?

I highly recommend Figtree Holistic Therapies. I have had a number of distance healings over the past few months and the difference it had made to my life is extraordinary. It has made me centered, present and more calm. I feel like I am living in the moment a lot more and getting perspective without reacting so easily. I also find using distance healing is so convenient. I can do it in my own home with no travel time and need to rush out. I’ve found distance healing is just the same as having a treatment in person but so much more relaxing being in your own home and convenient. Judy is very talented and I highly recommend her.

Sam, Camperdown

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