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What do people think about Figtree Holistic Therapies?

Feedback has been provided by clients via texts, email, Google and Facebook.


Reducing Anxiety

After trying several different things to no avail to try and help my worsening anxiety, I decided after a friends recommendation to go and see Judy for a reiki session, my only regret about this is that I didn’t do it sooner!  Judy is fantastic, she makes you feel completely at ease and is very intuitive. She has managed in one session to do more for me than any other means tried so far, I can finally see that there is a path to some relief. Thanks Judy – I can’t wait for my next session.

Leah, Corrimal

Reiki for Children

Our 7 year old was struggling with anxiety and struggling to fall asleep as a result. She has gained confidence, is able to calm herself down more easily and is sleeping better since working with Judy. She loves her Reiki appointments.

Sarah, Figtree

Distance Reiki

Judy is beyond amazing. Her healing is magical and honest. Highly recommend. So professional and lovely to talk to.

Nikki, Dural Sydney

Reiki for Families

Reiki was always one of those things I wanted to try and had no idea of what exactly I should expect. WOW. I feel like I almost can’t find the words to even describe my experience. Powerful. Emotional . Insane!!! I first met beautiful Judy when a dear friend recommended we try reiki for our super emotional sensitive 4 year old. Instantly my son felt at home and comfortable in Judy’s presence. He knows now when his body requires another reiki session and will ask to visit Judy. He is instantly more grounded, calm and able to verbalise his emotions. I was amazed how quickly we saw the changes and how quickly he would benefit from it.

My own experience has been quite profound . Particular experiences in my past I felt I would never truly let go of. I thought I would always carry a little bit of that guilt or negativity towards certain situations, I thought that was all normal. Yet it was slowly eating me up on the inside. After only two sessions with Judy I realised (mid treatment) that I only feel love and peace towards those people and situations. I don’t even know how this really happened?! My body literally felt lighter and free from that bad energy i was carrying around, it feels really amazing!

My whole family now visit Judy, my husband , my two boys (they will beg to go to Judy’s house!) and we have referred numerous friends. The warmth and healing you feel in a Reiki session with Judy is so wonderful, I can’t recommend her enough. I am so thankful we have found this tool , thank you Judy! 

Dani, Figtree

Grounded and Clear Mind

Thanks for today Judy. I feel really good, grounded and feel like my mind is clear.

Scott, Farmborough Heights

Holistic Therapy

I’m not sure what to say after today’s session. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate. My deepest gratitude to your amazing self. It was like we were dancing to the same harmony without any sounds. Truly remarkable. I wasn’t sure what to expect, or how to feel, however you certainly ring true to your name Holistic Therapy. Thank you. 💜

Lisa, Woonona

Distance Reiki

I highly recommend Figtree Holistic Therapies. I have had a number of distance healings over the past few months and the difference it had made to my life is extraordinary. It has made me centered, present and more calm. I feel like I am living in the moment a lot more and getting perspective without reacting so easily. I also find using distance healing is so convenient. I can do it in my own home with no travel time and need to rush out. Ive found distance healing is just the same as having a treatment in person but so much more relaxing being in your own home and convenient. Judy is very talented and I highly recommend her.

Sam, Camperdown

Divine Connection

Judy is an amazing healer she has a great connection with the higher source and you can really feel the love and healing power’s of Reiki when you have a treatment. I highly recommend her 💜💙💚💛 she has such a beautiful soul and has changed my life.

Maree, Mt Keira

Awesome Energy Session

A top trainer I was talking to not long ago said you need to know what your horse and you both need to focus on. Physical work, mental work or something else. I’m pretty good at focusing on the physical work but today I focused on the energetic. I had the most AWESOME session with one of my best mates, Judy. We’ve know each other for over 20 years and she really is just a brilliant therapist. We’re sooo lucky that she comes to Sydney once a month to do sessions. I highly recommend that you book in with her…and do it now! Spaces are limited and she’s in high demand. Thanks Judes!!!

Rebecca, Dural Sydney

Clear the Past

I recommend Figtree Holistic Therapies for self-care on very deep levels. Judy is highly attuned to the individual needs of her clients. Her Reiki healing and massage therapy sessions in my experience have subtle and far reaching effects. I have developed stronger self-boundaries and cleared many events in the past.

Ione, Figtree

Professional Therapist

Highly recommend Judy as a reiki therapist! Fantastic and so professional.

Maria, Baulkham Hills Sydney

Benefits Over Years

Highly recommend Judy for Reiki healing, years later I am still benefiting from her healing and teaching. She is an awesome person and I am so grateful to her x

Freya, Cheddar Somerset, UK

Intention Manifested

Just to let you know today’s meeting went very well, all calm! I think yesterday’s treatment helped so much.

Helen, Somerset UK

Reiki for Men

Judy is an amazing person with a remarkable gift. I have been visiting Figtree Holistic Therapies for a little while and Judy has assisted greatly with my anxiety through Reiki. I really look forward to and enjoy the sessions along with Judy’s insight and feedback. She is always on point!

Scott, Farmborough Heights

Feel like a New Person

Good afternoon Judy,

Thank you so so much! 🦋✨

After our session the other day I was so so relaxed and grounded and woke up feeling like a new person. I am loving all this energy and change within me at the moment.

I also am so excited and can’t wait to start working on all this! I can’t remember if there was another thing or not but if I do I will let you know. ☺️

Also I’m super grateful and blessed and appreciate you helping me, so thank you again! You honestly inspire me and have given me so much hope for my future! 🌈🙏🏻🤍

I hope you have a lovely weekend,
Kind regards, Emilee.

Emilee, East Corrimal

Emotional Healing

At my first Reiki session, I had NO idea what to expect. Knowing that I was always sensitive to the energies around me. I wanted to learn how to tune in and listen to my body and feel myself again. I was sleepy very poorly and riddled with anxiety. Judy was incredible, listening to my every word attentively and tailoring each session to whatever I needed at that present moment. I have now dropped 2 pant sizes around my stomach (Solar Plexus) area where I was holding onto a lot of my emotional baggage and have dived into some deep emotional healing that I never knew was possible from a conscious level. Thanks Judy for opening my eyes to the world of Reiki and being such an incredible healer. There are no words that I can use to express my deepest gratitude. Can not recommend her enough xx

Aleesha, Kanahooka

Improved Sleep

Before Figtree Holistic Therapies was recommended to me by a friend, I hadn’t even heard of reiki. To say I was a skeptic is a massive understatement. I was stressed, sleeping poorly and felt like I was barely keeping it together. The moment I met Judy, I trusted her as a healer and a confidant. Her intuition and insight is amazing. I still don’t really understand how the reiki works, but the results speak for themselves… I am sleeping better, have more energy, more self awareness and more confidence. I feel like a much better version of myself. As an added bonus, I had the most powerful, intense orgasm of my life recently and I’m convinced it’s a “side effect” of my reiki treatments. I can’t thank you enough. I would highly recommend Judy and her therapy in a heartbeat.

Vanessa, Figtree

Relaxed and Balanced

Judy is the best, I never leave without feeling relaxed, balanced and ready to embrace my somewhat complicated life. I thoroughly recommend Figtree Holistic Therapies.

Johanne, Kanahooka

Safe Space

I found Judy and her space at Figtree Holistic Therapies to be both warm and welcoming from the moment I first arrived. The safe space she creates and holds through a high level of professionalism is ideal for deep levels of healing and self work. Through her extensive training, experience and own intuition Judy has helped guide and support me along my own healing journey. I would highly recommend to anyone who is even slightly interested in the wonderful work she offers smile

Amie, North Wollongong

Transform Your Life

Judy is a gifted angel on earth! Your life will transform. Each sessions is totally different. She is a talented, insightful, intuitive healer with magic hands. Highly recommended!

Elaine, Fairy Meadow

Absent Healing

I’ve had ‘hands on’ reiki with Judy for about a year and decided to give distance reiki a go.  I didn’t expect the effect to be as strong, but I was completely wrong. I am amazed at how deeply I could feel the effects!

Sarah, Figtree

Beautiful Space

Judy’s reiki treatments are so amazing. From the moment I arrived she made me feel so comfortable and I was able to relax immediately. Her healing room is very peaceful and Judy holds the space beautifully. The reiki energy was powerful, I felt some deep shifts occur and it was great to be able to discuss this afterwards. I highly recommend Judy’s treatment , treat yourself today!

Katherine, Austinmer

Positive Energy and Healing

Judy was introduced to me through a friend who insisted I see Judy for Reiki healing. I had lost all hope of recovering from a rare illness as no doctors could help me. Judy has helped me so much already, and I’ve only had three sessions with her. I will continue to see her as her healing is amazing. She is so kind, compassionate and is solely focused on healing and strengthening me and getting me back to the happy and loving person I was before I got sick. I recommend Judy to anyone who needs healing and positive energy. She truly is an amazing lady and healer.

Belinda, Balgownie

Outlook More Positive

That was uncanny. I was just thinking about you, and the amazing effect Reiki has had on me from yesterday, when your text suddenly arrived. I was starting to want to break the negative cycle before I saw you, for my own good. But after I saw you my whole outlook was a lot more positive and today even more so, it’s amazing!..,So I’m amazed. Thank you so much.

Nina, Somerset UK

Sending Reiki Overseas

I’ve experienced Reiki from Judy over the last few years and have felt a deep and profound connection to soul. She has most recently helped with distance healing following the loss of my father. I cannot recommend her therapy and compassion enough.

Jeremy, Somerset UK

Feedback from my Mentor

I have known Judy very deeply for about ten years or so. Words cannot describe how highly I esteem her. Her work ethic and drive to always get it right whilst still acknowledging we are all different and using diverse approaches for all… well she is major league as a practitioner and as a human being. Highly Recommended.

Susie, Somerset UK

Paying It Forward

Happy birthday Jude. I hope you’ve had a lovely day. Much love from the UK. Hey I run a children’s craft group now and each time a child comes we give them a crystal. The crystal that belongs to the chakra we worked on in the yoga before the crafting. We also do a meditation at the end, holding our magic stone which teaches the kids how and when to use the crystal. And all this happens in a room I’ve cleared with reiki and sage before they arrive and called in great intentions. You are at the bottom of a lot of those tools I now use. You are a very special person , thank you. Love you from all the way over here xxxx

Debbie, Somerset UK

Wholeheartedly Recommend

I have received Reiki Healing from Judy for the last eighteen months. These sessions have been on a regular basis and every time I come away feeling so much better and thoroughly refreshed ready to face whatever challenges may arise! I am full of admiration for Judy’s abilities and her great integrity in all she undertakes. Judy ran Reiki Share sessions with groups of people and gently encouraged those of us attending to talk and share our experiences. She has great wisdom, which she imparts in a down to earth manner. She is generous with her time and energies and always has time to listen and offer very sound advice. The path Judy has chosen to follow is not an easy one but she gets great joy and revels in all that she does. I whole-heartedly recommend Judy to anyone who may be fortunate enough to enjoy Reiki Healing with her. I shall certainly continue to do so.

Eileen, Somerset UK

Distance Reiki for Better Sleep

Thank goodness for the reiki you sent me on Friday night, I slept like a baby, woke up early on Saturday, feeling happy, full of energy, with no sign of my usual morning depressive feelings and not wanting to get out of bed. I was humming to myself all day while cleaning, and Sunday was just as pleasant. I have not been walking for weeks, but on Sunday I suggested to my friend we go for a long walk, taking my grand daughter with us in the stroller, while she slept. That tranquil feeling must have radiated to her too, because she slept for 2 hours!

Kathy, Kellyville Sydney

Feeling Brave

Thanks for today, you really are a gem! Feeling a massive amount of stress relief & felt brave enough to go to the hairdressers and have about 5 years worth of growth removed!!! I feel more myself, despite the lack of hair!!! Thanks again.

Anonymous, Somerset UK

Clearing IBS

In October 2007 I started to experience some very unpleasant symptoms including nausea, headaches, abdominal pain and irritable bowel and bladder, which was diagnosed as “irritable bowel syndrome”. The symptoms persisted, so I decided to try Reiki healing. I chose to go to Judy because my daughter had attended a trial session with Judy and told me that it had been a most profound and amazing experience, she had felt so calm and euphoric when she left. Her boyfriend who was rather sceptical of all things complementary also had a session and was amazed by his experience. As a bonus, my daughter was now free of the painful periods and PMT that she had been having. During my first treatment I felt wonderfully relaxed. Afterwards Judy gave me advice on how to cope physically and psychologically with my symptoms. I went back for another treatment – again experiencing deep relaxation and warmth and thankfully after that session my abdominal pains disappeared and I have been free of them since. It is such a relief. I am very grateful to Judy for her compassion and expertise. Instead of being in pain and anxious I feel I am now back to my normal self and unrestricted by tummy problems.

Luana, Somerset UK

Feeling the Love

Hi Jude, Sooooo good to see you today. I feel like I have been picked up, hugged and sorted out and everything is going to be ok! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift and giving me what I needed…I’m feeling the love. Now to put it into practice! Have a great weekend xxx

Susie, Somerset UK

Extremely Calm and at Peace

I am extremely calm and at peace at the moment – which I can completely thank you for. Believe the Reiki made a huge difference and I feel very grounded and able to give (name witheld) the support she needs instead of losing it!…Thank you again so so much for the other day (session perfectly timed!)

Anonymous, UK

Relaxed and Refreshed

Feeling refreshed and relaxed after my Reiki session. I have this urge to hug everybody and tell them how much I love and appreciate them! Feel like my heart is bursting with joy! Thanks Jude xxx

Jenny, Kellyville Sydney

Feel Lighter

Thank you for my taster session. The session helped me so much in such a short time. I look forward to my visit next week. I had no pre-conceptions and was amazed at the result. The peace that came over me and the low energy I felt free of after such an awful year made me feel lighter. I have told my sister-in- law about you and Reiki as she has MS. Also my daughter will be coming to see you. Many thanks.

B, Somerset UK


Feeling More Youthful

Judy fixed the tightness in my hips and lower back, feel ten years younger.

Sandra, Wollongong

Pain Relief

Thankyou for helping me with my hip/leg. Since you dug in under my foot I can’t believe the difference it has made, I’m not in constant pain anymore, it has relieved so much pain and symptoms I was having, your a wiz lady!!! Thanks again and I’m looking forward to the 23rd which is my next appointment. xx

Mary-Ann, Wollongong

Highly Recommended

Great massage yesterday.. body feeling freer, thank you xx

Sand, Bellambi

Quiet & Private Location

Figtree Holistic Therapies is a beautiful, quiet space for a massage treatment. No noisy shops in the background or exercise class next door! Judy has cultivated a safe haven at the base of the mountain.

Sarah, Figtree

Highly Recommended

Had my first massage with Judy today, absolutely amazing. Would highly recommend.

Belinda, Farmborough Heights

Reiki Wollongong

Raindrop Technique

I had been suffering with knee problems for several years. Doctors finally identified it was related to my back and after trying various treatments with no success, I was having to resort to surgery. Around that time I started to have Raindrop Technique. Not only did I feel purged, detoxed and reinvigorated, but after only 3 treatments my knee and back were fine and have remained so for well over a year.

Carol, Somerset UK

Supple Muscles for Cycling

I have had many massages over the last eight years, most of them for work related muscular aches and pains, particularly in my neck and shoulders. I am a very keen cyclist and have the need for deep leg massage on occasions. I can honestly say that the massages I receive from Judy are the most invigorating, but relaxing, leaving my muscles very supple and enable me to continue with my many miles of cycling, even though I am well into my 60’s. I can highly recommend Judy for her massaging professionalism, together with her good sense of humour.

Chris, Somerset UK

Treating Shoulder Pain

Judy I wanted to thank you for a really good treatment and my shoulder pain has gone!! I would like to book three more sessions if I could.

GL, Somerset UK

Better Than Any Other Massage

I wish I’d never had one of your massages when I came to visit because every one I’ve had in London since was nowhere near as good!

Simonetta, London UK

Amazing Massage

Thanks for the most amazing massage yesterday.

Bonnie, Cheddar UK

Feel Great

Amazing massage. Thanks so much Judy. Feel great.

Judy, Somerset UK

Highly Recommended

Judy, thanks for a great session this morning. Body and soul completely refreshed.

Wendy, Somerset UK


Right Place to Learn Reiki

Judy is such a beautiful soul. She offers her Reiki course in a beautiful, calm setting & instantly I knew I was in the right place for this healing & training. She is passionate, authentic, knowledgable, inspiring and brings together a small group of people with a nourishing day of teachings. I experienced something new this day, that was shifting & felt amazing. Whether a Reiki session or training, you won’t regret meeting Judy. So grateful .. 🌺🧡

Karen, Kiama

Back on Track

Dearest Judy or as I refer to you to my friends My Reiki Lady,

Like many people I’m looking back at the year that was and while I know for many it’s been quite shitty for me it’s been about awakening, positivity and lastly love.

When I first came to you a little over a year ago I really had no idea what Reiki was. I’d seen a couple of your posts on FB, I found them interesting. My best friend talked about Reiki but apart from that I didn’t quite fully understand.

I went to see you with an open mind. I felt like I was in a rut. Like my life was heading no where fast. I had lost a sense of myself.

I love nothing more than to walk into a stranger’s home and feel right at ease. That’s how I remember feeling when I first came to see you.

I sometimes find it hard to describe how I’m feeling during our sessions yet somehow you always manage to understand what it is I’m trying to convey.

I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a little lazy.. but I really did want to turn things around for me.

I wanted my sparkle back. I wanted to feel like myself again. To feel like I’m living again not like I’m just existing. To feel like I matter, to feel that I am deserving of love from a person who will know my worth and accept me for all that I am and all that I’m not.

I know that if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have grown spiritually, emotionally or have truly believed in myself.

Coming to you on/off for over 12 months gave me the strength to speak up especially when I felt I was not in a good situation. To have courage to walk away.  Coming to you has helped me let go of ties that I guess were holding me back or keeping me down. Sometimes going to you is enough to “top me up” because I feel like I’ve been running on empty or flat.

I know it’s a little like cheating but I found ways to incorporate your recommendations into a style that suited me. So for self healing I recorded myself on my phone and when I need it I listen to it. I started using YouTube for self guided meditation and affirmations when I went to bed. This has helped me sleep so much better.

I read all your notes and I save them in a file on my phone because when I recognise something or I need to change a train of thought I’ll go back and read it again.

My biggest thank you would have to be in teaching me about manifesting and opening myself up to good things.

These past 5 months have been my happiest. I’ve had someone amazing enter my life. All of my usual insecurities or anxieties have stayed at bay. I feel confident that everything will be just fine. I am smiling, I feel good about myself and it’s nice when other people notice the change in you.

I couldn’t recommend you enough. I don’t know how many friends and work colleagues I’ve said need to go and see my Reiki Lady.

You truly are a blessing.

I know I will see you again because I want to continue to invest in myself!! Feeling good and positive is my new normal.

Thank You again for getting me back on track and for your magic!

I want to wish you all the best over the holiday season and hope you get some much needed R&R.

All my love
Eva ☺️❤️🙏🌻

Eva, Primbee

Start your Reiki journey

I’ve felt amazing since doing the Level 1 Reiki course! My anxiety has definitely calmed down a lot. I have been keeping up with the chakra days & eating/drinking veggies & fruits of the colours also! I would definitely recommend your reiki course to people wanting to start their reiki journey! It’s such an awesome thing to learn and use, everyone should do it! Thank you so much?

Maddison, Mount St Thomas

Love, Compassion and Empathy

Judy is an amazing healer and teacher who brings so much love, compassion and empathy to every session. She is highly intuitive and senses things in you that you have kept hidden in a way that makes you feel a complete sense of freedom. I highly recommend both her reiki sessions and courses. Judy, you are truly an amazing human being, Im so grateful to have found you. Thank you

Lauren, Mount Kembla

Loved the Course

What a fantastic day I had on Saturday. Judy you are an amazing guide/teacher for Reiki. I loved doing the course. The atmosphere was loving, caring and peaceful. I got so much out of the day and would recommend you and your course to anyone. The peace and serenity that I came away with is nothing that I have experienced before. I cant thank you enough for how I feel.

Kyla, Balgownie

Inspired to Learn Reiki

10/10 💗 At the start of the year I really wanted to have some Reiki healing for me and my partner. I googled Reiki healers and read Judy’s reviews.  I then booked an appointment for both me and my partner and her reviews are spot on.  I wish I could put into words the highs I have felt and so many Ah ha moments I have gotten to better myself and my relationships with others. My partner likes to keep to himself but has found a real connection working with Judy. ♥️
I am so inspired by Judy I wanted to learn how to do Reiki.  I just completed Judy’s Reiki 1 course.  It was amazing. Judy provided a real safe, warm and inviting space. We all could feel the love in the room. I learnt so much.
I highly recommend Judy if you want to learn or have Reiki done she really is a true master.
I thank the universe for leading me to Judy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙌🏼💕

Tracy, Corrimal

Learning How Reiki Works

It was a beautiful day and a great chance to learn how reiki works. I already knew and could feel the benefits, but now I know how to put it into action and can understand the method.

I just finished my reiki this morning and can actually feel the chakras moving around! They’re so strong!! I can feel it more and more as I keep doing it. Also, when I get to my brow chakra, I go under this weird trance and start to see really vivid imagery!

…I loved that we got to really tune into our mind and body. It’s nice to give ourselves this opportunity as my life is so fast paced I’d never even realised how disconnected I was. I loved the pendulum work!

The pendulum work really cemented the experience for me. It was like knowing and feeling it, I knew that the energy was there, but seeing it visually, really cemented the idea.

…I don’t even know what you could improve, I loved it all!

Aleesha, Kanahooka

Fantastic Workshop

The work shop fantastic. Your home is always  a very calm and sacred place for learning.

What I have learnt for this course is to be settled and be my true self. Which I am embracing with open arms.

I was very happy how the day progressed, I dont think you need to change a thing.

Denise, Figtree

Reiki 1 and 2

(Reiki Level 1) I was going into it with an inquisitive, open, yet sceptical mind. Seeing, feeling, experiencing actual proof that we have an aura around and within us which we have control over, was for me one of the largest highlights. The calmness and relaxed attitude in the way reiki is felt/experienced and delivered made me feel quite cleaned and wiped (in a nice way) out, and more in control of the ‘real’ you. I’d recommend Reiki with Judy to anyone, who especially would like to find their true self, and to better their true self.

(Reiki Level 2) This Reiki is powerful stuff. I’d just like to thank you again. When I’m ready I’d look forward to booking Reiki 3 with you. Thank you again for your help, guidance and teaching, you are truly great at what you do.

Dave, UK

Amazing Feeling

Hi Judy – many, many thanks for a wonderful day – I cannot express how much I enjoyed it. The feeling when I entered the room was amazing – I just knew that I had to be there. You made the day so relaxing and enjoyable. I was rather nervous at first but you soon put me at ease. I am looking forward to the next Reiki level. I slept extremely well and I have felt so relaxed all day at work.

Rubina, Somerset UK

Inspired to Learn Reiki

3 years ago Tuesday was the day my husband proposed, but it also means it’s 3 years since I was at my utter lowest (not because of the proposal!) My aniexity was at it’s utter peek and I felt very helpless, lost and completely exhausted, drowning in this thing I couldn’t control. My aniexty was/is all linked to sleep and with babies and flying hours I spiralled into worry and panic. But that day also symbolises a turning point, my road to recovery. It’s been a looooooong journey and lots of trying everything available but I found a way out and things that helped. I wanted to share because you are not alone, don’t suffer in silence or wait til it gets so bad… reach out, try things, something will work for you. For me it was wonderful guidance from my amazing Reiki teacher Judy and hypnotherapy from the fantastic Kirsty that helped me get back to being me. And my family and friends who listened to me even though I felt like that was all I EVER talked about once I’d finally open up and drove you all crazy! And of course my husband, who was my constant rock and gave me love and support always. Thank you all, you are my angels xxxxxx …But had I not suffered I wouldn’t have found Judy and her Reiki, or built strong relationships with my family from having Reiki, or become the person I am today. Who is completely different from the one before it all…. everything happens for a reason and no matter how hard it gets, it will pass x

Carly, Somerset UK

Huge Load Lifted

Hi Judy. Thoroughly enjoyed the course on Sunday. Driving home I had lots of the same thoughts I have usually but I had no real emotional response to anything!!! It was like a huge load had been lifted from my shoulders and I didn’t have a care or worry in the world! I have been feeling like that ever since. Last night I recorded a Reiki session onto my MP3 and that is how I am intending to do it! I will let you know how it goes. Had a great day yesterday and usually the things which might annoy me/get my back up/push my buttons- didn’t at all and I could see the positives in everything!

That date in August sounds perfect for me I hope that we can do it then. You will also see me after an 8 week holiday and lots of Reiki practice… I image I will seem quite different!!!! Thanks again for everything.

Louise, UK

Spiritual Beings

Judy has given me the realisation that we are spiritual beings through seeing/feeling the energy whilst learning Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.  I have believed in alternatives to the ‘norm’ for many years but, this is the first time I have ever felt the energies to the point of knowing for definite that they do exist.

Dave, UK

Feeling Vitalised and Awake

I wanted to send a message to say how grateful I am for the experience I had. It was so incredible, I am feeling vitalised, refreshed and even more awake than ever. Driving back into my hometown, things just did not look the same. Everything was brighter and had more clarity. Thanks so much for teaching me, you were a great teacher, not too serious and passed over the knowledge in a way I remembered. I like the handouts they have been especially helpful for my own personal teachings. Everyone showed compassion and understanding for the problems that I brought to light and I was especially pleased that you were willing to assist if anything cropped up in the future.

Damien, UK

Inspirational and Enthusiastic

Judy is a dynamic teacher who enthusiastically imparts her wisdom and knowledge of Reiki in her classes. Her fun-loving spirit coupled with her dedication allows her to instruct students while also making her classes fun and easy to understand. She has the ability to be both inspirational and unpretentious at the same time. Judy has had a deep impact on me, as I am sure she has had on countless others who have had the privilege of knowing her. They have experienced her work and have been blessed by her presence. Friendship, love,wisdom, compassion and fun are just some of the things that come to mind when I think of Judy.

Arlene, US

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