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We’re all familiar with feeling energetically drained by every day experiences – work and family pressures, challenging interactions, being very busy, feeling anxious, stressed and worried – we end up running on auto-pilot and wonder how we’ll get through the day. Our energy levels become depleted, and over longer periods of time, we can even get ill.

Reiki can put a stop to this cycle and return us to a better version of ourselves. It helps us feel light and free by clearing the energetic muck we’ve picked up along the way and replenishes our energy levels. It inspires us to pursue our goals free of the usual doubts and fears and creates a sense of immunity from other people’s dramas.

I give Reiki treatments to women and men from all walks of life. You don’t need to be a believer, Reiki will work despite any doubts you may have. After your initial appointment, I will make a recommendation about how I can continue to assist you. Some people only need a few appointments, while other clients choose to come for a regular Reiki top-up every few weeks weeks to support them with everyday life (like a regular massage).

The best way to find out what Reiki can do for you is to come and experience it for yourself.

Introductory Offer
Reiki for Adults

Initial Consultation and Treatment
90 minutes for $75
Available to new clients

What to expect during an adult’s Reiki appointment

I begin your appointment with a full consultation, discussing the purpose of your visit and any medical conditions you are concerned about.  If you’re happy to do so, we apply Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance the power of the healing, relieve any symptoms and lift your mood.  Remaining fully clothed, you then lie on the treatment table.  I provide support for the head, knees and back if required.  I start by using tuning forks to get energy moving and flowing through the body.  The Reiki treatment then begins, using traditional Reiki plus other energetic cleansing and repair techniques. It is very gentle and non-invasive as I hold my hands over or lightly on the energy points of the body, based on your preference.  Reiki energy is sent into the body – this can be felt as heat or tingling coming from my hands. I am guided intuitively to spend extra time on the areas that require more cleansing, healing and balancing. Typically clients enter a deep state of rest and relaxation, but are still aware of their surroundings.  The body enters a state of accelerated repair, and pain, stress and fear can melt away. Based on the results of initial sessions, I will recommend a program to achieve your desired outcomes. Programs can include a combination of Reiki and Massage sessions, practical tools, support and guidance.

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Judy is an amazing person with a remarkable gift. I have been visiting Figtree Holistic Therapies for a little while and Judy has assisted greatly with my anxiety through Reiki. I really look forward to and enjoy the sessions along with Judy’s insight and feedback/ homework. She is always on point!

Scott, Farmborough Heights

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How much does an adult’s Reiki appointment cost?

Single Appointment

$100 / 90 minutes
  • First 90 min appointment is at the introductory rate of $75
  • Subsequent 90 min appointments are $100, or can be purchased as a pack of 3 appointments for $240, a saving of $60

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