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Reiki for Children

(0-12 yrs)


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Children are more open and sensitive than adults and incredibly perceptive as a result!  They ‘tune in’ to both loving and challenging emotions and energies and can sense the unresolved issues in people around them.  When children are extra sensitive, they are highly empathic and can absorb these energetic challenges into their energy field, feeling like those emotions are their own.  They then emote (release) them through unexpected behaviours which can be concerning for parents.

During a Reiki appointment, I help sensitive children manage and clear what they’ve soaked up from their environment, fill them up with Reiki energy so they feel light and free, and give them and their parents fun things to do together at home to help clear these energies regularly.  Kids always amaze me with how quickly they understand what Reiki is and how comfortable they feel around Reiki energy!  They can sense they are in a safe space and enjoy their time at Figtree Holistic Therapies.

What to expect during a child’s Reiki appointment

I start the appointment with a bit of time to let your child get comfortable with me, the treatment room and any other parts of my home they wish to explore.  I have a collection of crystals they are welcome to play with as I have a chat with you about why you have brought your child for Reiki. Once I sense they have relaxed and feel comfortable, I have a chat with your child (depending upon their age) about what Reiki is and what I’ll be doing during the Reiki treatment etc.  I also ask them questions to see how they are feeling and if anything is bothering them.

I then ask your child to lie on the treatment table.  I show them the location of energy points (chakras) on the body by using a pendulum – this is something both kids and adults find really fun!  I also show them a picture of the chakras and their colours and ask them which colours they like – kids intuitively know what areas of their energy body needs Reiki, plus it helps them understand what I’m doing.

I then start the Reiki treatment and if they would like me to, I explain what I am doing throughout the treatment.  If not, I do the treatment quietly with relaxing music.  Unlike adults, kids often like to wriggle and move during Reiki, which helps them to let go of what they’ve been feeling.  Sometimes children move through the whole treatment, sometimes they become still as we progress and other times they fall asleep – it’s a very individual experience.

After the treatment ends, I check in with your child to see if there’s anything they wish to tell me about the Reiki and answer any questions they have.  I will then speak with you about what I have sensed if it feels like the right time to do so, otherwise we can have a chat over the phone when you are alone.  I can provide some tools to use at home to help lift and clear your child’s energy on a regular basis such as saging, affirmations, crystals and different approaches to challenging situations.

Reiki for children is fun – they soak it up and it’s this energy that helps them feel lighter, free and more themselves.

adolescent healer illawarra
adolescent healer illawarra

How much does a child’s Reiki appointment cost?

I first met beautiful Judy when a dear friend recommended we try Reiki for our super emotional sensitive 4 year old. Instantly my son felt at home and comfortable in Judy’s presence. He knows now when his body requires another Reiki session and will ask to visit Judy. He is instantly more grounded, calm and able to verbalise his emotions. I was amazed how quickly we saw the changes and how quickly he would benefit from it.

My whole family now visit Judy, my husband, my two boys (they will beg to go to Judy’s house!) and we have referred numerous friends. The warmth and healing you feel in a Reiki session with Judy is so wonderful, I can’t recommend her enough. I am so thankful we have found this tool, thank you Judy!!!

Dani, Figtree

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