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Reiki for Teenagers

(13-18 yrs)



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The teenage years can be tough!  Children are experiencing significant changes in their mind, body and outlook, becoming their own person, forming their own opinions and questioning their parents’ authority. By their teenage years, behaviour patterns, beliefs and feelings from childhood have become embedded. These attributes often mirror the behaviours of the adults in their lives, leading to a lot of button pushing!

They also have to contend with the pressures of school and the expectations and projections of others and themselves. In addition they have to navigate their way through new relationships and the programming of the media which repeatedly tells them what they are supposed to think, wear, eat, buy etc. It’s a lot to process!

A Reiki session at Figtree Holistic Therapies gives teenagers a chance to get things off their chest by speaking to an impartial witness about their concerns, frustrations and worries. I am a very open, accepting person who hears what they need to share with warmth,  empathy and compassion. I then help to relieve those feelings by lightening, balancing and clearing their energy field through the gentle power of Reiki. I also provide teens with tools and different perspectives and approaches for better managing those challenging moments.  After the first appointment, I will discuss with you both how to proceed to continue to help and heal.

Introductory Offer
Reiki for Teenagers

Initial Reiki Consultation and Treatment
90 minutes for $75
Available to new clients

What to expect during a teenagers’s Reiki appointment

I begin the appointment with a full consultation with yourself and your teenager, or your teenager on their own depending upon your preference, to discuss the purpose of their visit and anything either of you are concerned about. If they’re happy to do so, we apply Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance the power of the healing, relieve any symptoms and lift mood. Remaining fully clothed, your teenager then lies on the treatment table.  I start to get their energy moving and flowing by using tuning forks. The Reiki treatment then begins, using traditional Reiki plus other energetic cleansing and repair techniques. It is a very gentle and non-invasive treatment as I hold my hands over energy points of the body. Reiki energy is sent into the body – this can be felt as heat or tingling coming from my hands.

I am guided intuitively to spend extra time on the areas that require more cleansing, healing and balancing. Typically teens enter a deep state of relaxation, and often fall asleep. During the treatment, the body enters a state of accelerated repair, and pain, stress and fear can melt away.

Based on the results of our initial appointment, I will recommend a program to achieve their desired goals. Programs can include a combination of Reiki, Distance Reiki (if required), practical tools, support and guidance. 

My teenage daughter was diagnosed with a chronic illness. The reiki helped her to remain calm and deal with stress of the diagnosis. It was beneficial for her wellbeing and mental health. Judy gave her strategies to help her deal with the new pressures in her day to day life.

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How much does a teenager’s Reiki appointment cost?

Single Appointment

$100 / 90 minutes
  • First 90 min appointment is at the introductory rate of $75
  • Subsequent 90 min appointments are $100, or can be purchased as a pack of 3 appointments for $240, a saving of $60

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